Note: Any exterior change to your property requires the following application be submitted.

Architectural Review Request Form

Please follow instructions on the form as to where to submit the completed application. Click See Details to open the application form.

Thinking of repainting your home a different color. In general earth tones and warm neutral colors are encouraged. Repainting your home the same color does not require an ARB application (since this falls under Maintenance), but any color change requires you submit an ARB application prior to painting.
If you do paint your house without proper application, the HOA has the authority to force you to repaint it. Please follow the application process and submit an ARB application as described above.
(See Architectural Review Request Form – top center on this page.)

The color scheme below are the preferred Earth tone colors:

With any Deed Restricted community comes the “good and bad” of Rules and Regulations. The Pablo Bay Covenants discuss most of the community rules in conjunction with the Florida Statutes. In general, the rules that are most commonly addressed are:

1) Property Appearance – Dead Lawn and trimming is the biggest issue on this list

2) Architectural Reviews – Fences not meeting covenant standards, driveway painting and other erected structures that don’t meet guidelines.

3) Commons Property – Maintenance Issues (Ponds, Ants, plantings, etc…)

The rules are ultimately here to protect the value of our neighborhood. Most of our rules are enforced by our management company BCM Services. Please call Mike Murray at 242-0666 if you should have any questions.

Architectural Guidelines Document for Pablo Bay

ARB Minutes for Pablo Bay

Declaration of Covenants
These are the recorded Covenants of
Pablo Bay. Most of the residential rules are addressed in this document. (Click See Details to open the document.)


These are the recorded Bylaws of
Pablo Bay. Most of the HOA Board rules are addressed in this document. (Click See Details to open the document.)

Maintenance Standards

These are the maintenance standards that are enforced by the HOA’s management company.

Renters Language

Bylaws Ammendment Approved by Board on May 23, 2006

For Sale Signs

Any realty “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs posted on a Pablo Bay lot will have to be the green wooden frame signs. (They are approximately 8”x10″. See picture below.) These signs are typically available from your realtor who is familiar with Pablo Bay rules. If you are selling ‘by owner,’ the signs are available from Giglio Signs, (904) 396-9046 or Sign A Rama (904) 247-4115. All other posted signs on Pablo Bay property will need to be removed or a fine may be assessed and they may be removed by the HOA without permission.