Pool Key Cards…

This section was created to explain how to obtain or replace your pool key card(s). Please allow up to two weeks processing time for delivery of new card(s).

NEW HOMEOWNER – (No charge)

Each new homeowner is entitled to own up to 2 new key cards without additional fee.  The key cards can be obtained by providing a completed Key Card Information form (see below) and returning via the instructions contained in the form. If the prior homeowner gave you their cards, please turn them in by putting in the mailbox at the amenity center as they will soon become deactivated.  Thank you and welcome to Pablo Bay!

EXISTING HOMEOWNER – (Lost, Stolen, Damaged – Replacement Key Card $26.50 or New $53.00)

For existing  homeowners, please select the payment choice below and afterwards send an email to poolmonitor@pablobay.com stating you have paid the fee and please specify what key card you want replaced by specifying the existing good key card number (which won’t be replaced) or reading the number of the key card you want replaced (if you still have it). We will do our best at not deactivating a good key card. If you have two active keycards already, you must select New key card and pay the $53.00. Every household is allowed up to 4 keycards.

TENANT RENTER – (Tenant Use Change $26.50)

All key cards must be registered in the tenants name (not the homeowner). First the owner must sign the Owner Acceptance for Tenant Use of PB Resources form (see below and follow directions on form).  Second, the owner or tenant must pay the Tenant Use Change $26.50 fee to transfer the owners name to the tenants name. Up to two keycards may be transferred.

Selecting your choice and click the Pay Now link below:


Pool Keycard Forms

Please follow instructions on the form as to where to submit the completed application. Click See Details to open the application form.

Keycard Information Form

Owner Acceptance for Tenant Use of PB Resources Form


Pool Rules

Anyone who does not follow these rules is subject to SUSPENSION of Pablo Bay resources as determined by the HOA Board. SUSPENSION may be lifted upon Board review.

  • 1) Key cards are for resident use only.
  • 2) All guests must be attended by resident.
  • 3) Anyone who does not know how to swim and is smaller then 48″ must wear some form of a floatation device.
  • 4) Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult over the age of 18.
  • 5) The pool hours of operation are from 6am to dusk, 6 days a week (Monday Closed). There is NO life guard on duty.
  • 6) No more than 6 guests per resident are allowed in the Pool Cabana without a reservation. Violations subject to $100 fine.
  • 7) No diving, running, horse play or other activity that may be considered dangerous will be allowed.
  • 8) No food outside of the designated eating areas.
  • 9) No foul language
  • 10) No rafts, floating lounge chairs, or other pool equipment will be allowed. The Pool Monitor will determine which items may be used in the pool.
  • 11) Please shower before entering the pool.
  • 12) Young children must use swim diapers.
  • 13) No dogs or bicycles/skate boards on the pool deck/pavers.
  • 14) No alcohol or glass containers allowed on the pool deck.
  • 15) Any child under the age of 7 must be attended in the bathrooms.
  • 16) Anyone found using a Key Card improperly will have their Key Cards disabled.