Reservation Categories

Tennis Court

Soccer Field

Pool Cabana ($50)

Park Gazebo ($50)

Reservation System Rules

The reservation system is an open (honor based) method to reserve resources at Pablo Bay. Only the home owners may make reservations and the home owner must attend the function. The current system allows reservations for the Pool Cabana (up to 3 hours), and the tennis court (up to 2 hours), the Soccer Field (up to 2 hours).


The exception to any rules below requires HOA Board approval.

  1. No parties may be reserved in the Soccer Field without a reservation for the Pool Cabana. (This prevents duplicate parties and overloading of the pool / parking.)
  2. No back to back reservations using a different name for the same party.
  3. Parties are limited to 25 people maximum. (unless approved by HOA Board)
  4. No more than 2 future slots may be reserved of any one resource at any given time. The two slots can not be booked on the same day. (ie. No back to back slot reservations.)
  5. No reservation may be made for league or other outside resident use, unless at least 3 residents are represented at the given event.
  6. Please cancel your reservation if you cannot make it.
  7. No “commercial” or “for profit” use of any Pablo Bay resources is allowed unless prior written approval is given from the HOA Board. (As example, this includes swimming classes, tennis clinics, soccer lessons, etc…)
  8. No more than 6 guests per resident are allowed without a reservation. Violators subject to $100 fine.
  9. No “group” functions use of any Pablo Bay resources is allowed unless prior written approval is given from the HOA Board. (As example, this includes school or league parties, charitable events, company functions, playgroups etc…)
  10. Please remove all trash from any parties.
  11. Retain your email confirmation to avoid conflicts.
  12. Parties must be complete by 8pm.


All rules are subject to modification by the HOA Board. We reserve the right to track your user IP address for logging and abuse reasons. Violations may result in restricted access to Pablo Bay resources.


Requests for exceptions to these rules may be made to Please be specific on your reasons for the exception. (ie. Charitable Function, serves Pablo Bay, etc.)
The current moderator is Mark Toutain at 200-2995 or email address:



The reservation will be PENDING until confirmation of payment. Please make the PENDING reservation first by clicking on the Pool Cabana or Park Gazebo above. You may than pay the fee by filling in the Reservation First and Last Name and clicking the PAYPAL link below. (There will also be a link in an email as well.) If no credit card is available, checks made out to Pablo Bay HOA and mailed to BCM are also acceptable. Please allow a few business days for all confirmations. You will receive a confirmation email.


Reservation First/Last Name

Fill in your Reservation First/Last Name and then
click the PAYPAL button for $50.00 Payment


Why the Cabana/Gazebo fee?

The Cabana/Gazebo fee allows an Owner to RESERVE the resource and effectively block its use from other residents.  The fee was established to:
1)  Limit non discretional use of the resource.

2) Help defray extra costs associated with the additional use.

Weekends slots are limited to
2 parties at a given time slots. This allows residents fair use of their resource.

Special thank you…

Thank you to everyone who cleans up after their party and especially to those who pick up after others. You make Pablo Bay the desirable neighborhood it is today.