Pablo Bay’s Neighborhood Watch Program #2006344 is about thwarting crime.  We take the safety of our neighborhood seriously and are working with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) on an proactive basis.

JSO has committed to provide Pablo Bay with program resources including annual meetings, watch program signs, and access to community reports, but it is ultimately up to our Residents to make this program successful.  As such, we have a team of dedicated volunteers to help make our community safer.

In combination with our currently employed JSO Officers Pablo Bay utilizes 31 camera license capture system.

We use these cameras strictly for security and safety reasons and  respect everyone’s right to privacy.  Please send an email to should you need anything reviewed. The camera system will record for at least 10 days if not longer.

Email notification…

Anyone who would like notification of Neighborhood Watch events can sign up for this service from the bottom of the Home page